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Plagiocephaly Helmet: Cranial Helmet Therapy, Ideal Moment for Helmet Therapy, Recommendations, and Possible Complications

It’s an orthosis meant to correct cranial asymmetry. Plagiocephaly refers to a malformation of the skull in which the development of the cranial structure of an infant features the flattening of one side of the head. During the last two decades, the Joint Section on Pediatric Neurosurgery of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons and the Congress of Neurological… Read More »

Dolichocephaly: Causes, Clinical Manifestation, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Dolichocephaly is a condition that consists of a noticeable malformation, a tall, narrow head. This term refers to an inherited malformation of the skull, which primarily affects infants. Dolichocephaly is not a life-threatening condition, but it’s usually related to dozens of developmental disabilities that could potentially lead to mental retardation. The abnormal shape of the skull can also result… Read More »

Brachycephaly: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Refers to a disorder characterized by a flattening of the skull’s back, which mostly affects infants. Brachycephaly, which is a form of Flat Head Syndrome, is a condition that consists of a flattening in the spot at the back of a baby’s skull. Some people consider it a manifestation of a Congenital Ossification of Sutures (Craniosynostosis). It features… Read More »