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Uterus Diseases: Causes, Description and Symptoms, and Treatments

Uterine diseases are conditions that affect the uterus (womb). The uterus is an integral part of the female reproductive organ. It is where the baby develops when a woman is pregnant. If you have a uterine disease, the first sign may be bleeding between menstruations and after sexual intercourse. Such conditions can cause abnormal bleeding, hormonal imbalance, thyroid… Read More »

Endometriosis Diet

Endometriosis is a little known female-only disease, and yet many women suffer from this condition, a large part undiagnosed. The ignorance that exists about this disease makes the women who suffer it feel misunderstood and with a significant lack of support, besides ignoring the possible natural treatments that exist. In this article, we explain what this disease consists… Read More »

Endometrial Hyperplasia – Symptoms and Treatment

It is an overgrowth of the cells that make up the lining of the uterus, while this condition is not cancerous, it could lead to cancer. Description and Symptoms Endometrial Hyperplasia is a condition in which over-proliferation of the cells that make up the womb lining (endometrial cells) occurs. The endometrium (womb lining) is abnormally thick. Endometrial hyperplasia… Read More »