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What is Dysmenorrhea? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Dysmenorrhea refers to a menstrual flow that comes with pain, discomfort, and cramps. Causes Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) does not always have an apparent reason why. Women usually have some discomfort before or during their periods, although often, it isn’t severe enough to interfere with their lives. Secondary dysmenorrhea is caused by another underlying disease, while primary dysmenorrhea is… Read More »

Painful Menstrual Cramps: Description, Symptoms, Considerations, Causes and Treatment

Menstrual Cramps is a feeling of pain during the period, ranging from mild to intense, caused by the womb’s muscles tightening. Description and Symptoms Menstrual cramps consist of muscle cramps in the lower abdomen, caused by contractions of the womb (uterus). These contractions help expel the menstrual flow from the uterus. The cramps often decrease in severity once… Read More »