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Mouthwash: Definition, How to use Mouthwash, What is Halitosis? And How to deal with Bad Breath

Mouthwash is a liquid that people often use to refreshen the breath and prevent both dental and bacterial issues. Definition Keeping good oral hygiene helps us to protect the health of both teeth and gums by reducing the growth of harmful bacteria and halting the development of tooth plaque. A widely known way to keep one’s mouth clean… Read More »

Bladder Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Tests and Exams, Expectations (prognosis), and Possible Complications

Bladder Infection, also known as Cystitis, is a condition in which a bacterial infection causes inflammation of the bladder, and sometimes it affects kidneys as well. Bladder infections (bacterial cystitis) may be mild, and they can get cured without treatment. However, they can be persistent and produce even worst conditions if ignored. Infection can spread from the bladder… Read More »

Cronkhite-Canada Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, Clinical Manifestations, and Treatment

The Cronkhite-Canada syndrome consists of many hamartomatous polyps in the stomach, small intestine, and colon that resemble juvenile polyp’s retention. The syndrome is a rare condition, and medical experts almost always see it occur to adults (the average age being around the late 50’s). However, there are some reports of cases with younger people getting affected by this… Read More »