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Hypoperfusion: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

It refers to a state consisting of an acute peripheral circulatory failure. Hypoperfusion is the condition that features decreased blood flow through organs or tissues. It can become deadly and lead to more severe diseases. The term means “low perfusion.” The word “perfusion” refers to the action of pumping blood through the body But in this case, Hypoperfusion… Read More »

Pulmonary Artery Pressure: Pressure Transducer, Diagnostic Pressure Catheter, Echocardiography, and Conditions that alter PAP

It refers to a measure of the blood pressure that experts find in the main pulmonary artery. The right ventricle of the heart generates Pulmonary Artery Pressure (PAP) by ejecting blood into the pulmonary circulation. That results in a resistance to the output from the right ventricle. During each contraction, the heart that forces blood into the aorta… Read More »