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Uterus Diseases: Causes, Description and Symptoms, and Treatments

Uterine diseases are conditions that affect the uterus (womb). The uterus is an integral part of the female reproductive organ. It is where the baby develops when a woman is pregnant. If you have a uterine disease, the first sign may be bleeding between menstruations and after sexual intercourse. Such conditions can cause abnormal bleeding, hormonal imbalance, thyroid… Read More »

What Is Adenomyosis? Description, Symptoms, Causes, Test and Exams, Treatments, and Expectations (Prognosis)

Adenomyosis is a thickening of the uterus. It occurs when the endometrial tissue spreads to the outer walls of the uterus. This tissue usually upholstery the womb. Description Endometrial tissue makes up the lining of the uterus. It responds to hormones and bleeds during periods. In adenomyosis, some endometrial tissue spreads inside the walls of the womb. It… Read More »