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Dolichocephaly: Causes, Clinical Manifestation, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Dolichocephaly is a condition that consists of a noticeable malformation, a tall, narrow head. This term refers to an inherited malformation of the skull, which primarily affects infants. Dolichocephaly is not a life-threatening condition, but it’s usually related to dozens of developmental disabilities that could potentially lead to mental retardation. The abnormal shape of the skull can also result… Read More »

Brachycephaly: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Refers to a disorder characterized by a flattening of the skull’s back, which mostly affects infants. Brachycephaly, which is a form of Flat Head Syndrome, is a condition that consists of a flattening in the spot at the back of a baby’s skull. Some people consider it a manifestation of a Congenital Ossification of Sutures (Craniosynostosis). It features… Read More »