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Bladder Infection: Symptoms, Causes, Tests and Exams, Expectations (prognosis), and Possible Complications

Bladder Infection, also known as Cystitis, is a condition in which a bacterial infection causes inflammation of the bladder, and sometimes it affects kidneys as well. Bladder infections (bacterial cystitis) may be mild, and they can get cured without treatment. However, they can be persistent and produce even worst conditions if ignored. Infection can spread from the bladder… Read More »

What are Respiratory Tract Infections: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

The term Respiratory Tract Infection refers to a wide variety of diseases that affect the respiratory system. One usual Respiratory Tract Infection (RTI), is the condition known as common cold; a virus or a bacteria causes the disease which affects the respiratory tract including lungs, throat or air passage. Most widely categorize RTI as Upper Respiratory Tract Infection… Read More »