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Thermal Fusion Tonsillectomy: Why do doctors change their operating procedures, Thermal Welding System, Pros and Cons

It is a relatively new technology that utilizes direct heat and pressure to fuse and divide soft tissue delicately. With the advancement in the field of medicine, several new operating procedures have surfaced that not only to make the doctors’ job less complicated but also to make treatments and operations far less painful for the patients as compared… Read More »

Strep Throat: Symptoms, How it gets spread, Tests and Exams, Treatment, Prevention and Tips

It is a disease that infects the throat of mainly kids and adolescents. However, experts observe its presence in people of all age groups. The disease affects the soft palate and tonsils of the mouth. The Group A: Streptococcus bacteria got identified as the organism that causes strep throat. Strep throat is a very contagious ailment; It can disperse… Read More »