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What Is Adenomyosis? Description, Symptoms, Causes, Test and Exams, Treatments, and Expectations (Prognosis)

Adenomyosis is a thickening of the uterus. It occurs when the endometrial tissue spreads to the outer walls of the uterus. This tissue usually upholstery the womb. Description Endometrial tissue makes up the lining of the uterus. It responds to hormones and bleeds during periods. In adenomyosis, some endometrial tissue spreads inside the walls of the womb. It… Read More »

What is an Endometrial Biopsy? Description, Complications, and Risks

Endometrial biopsy is a procedure in which some tissue from the uterus. During this test, a piece of the lining of the womb, known as endometrial tissue, gets removed for laboratory examination. The procedure is necessary to detect diseases such as cancer of the womb lining (endometrial cancer) and endometrial hyperplasia (a non-cancerous over-proliferation of endometrial cells). An… Read More »

Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps: Causes, Symptoms, Recommended Food, and Healthy Habits

Many women of reproductive age are affected by pains, which sometimes become too intense and unpleasant during the menstrual period. However, there are some remedies to relieve such pain. There are natural products that could help women to deal with the painful and uncomfortable moments of the period. We will see how daily food and health practices will… Read More »

Painful Menstrual Cramps: Description, Symptoms, Considerations, Causes and Treatment

Menstrual Cramps is a feeling of pain during the period, ranging from mild to intense, caused by the womb’s muscles tightening. Description and Symptoms Menstrual cramps consist of muscle cramps in the lower abdomen, caused by contractions of the womb (uterus). These contractions help expel the menstrual flow from the uterus. The cramps often decrease in severity once… Read More »