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Dysgraphia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

It refers to a learning disability that primarily affects the ability to write. The term comes from the Greek words “dys” (meaning “impaired”) and “graphia” (meaning “written description”). Dysgraphia is a specific type of learning disability that consists of abnormal and distorted handwriting. It usually affects young children. Granted, most kids display some difficulty when it comes to… Read More »

Dysorthography: Definition, Possible Causes, and is it a Real Disorder?

Dysorthography is a learning disability; some people use this term to refer to a dysgraphic disorder related to dyslexia. Definition The term comes from the Greek words “dys,” which means “impaired,” and “orthographia,” meaning “to write correctly.” Several experts considered it a disorder that consists of a deficiency in the ability to write. Some argue it could be part of… Read More »