Health Benefits of Coconut Water: Health Uses and Recommended Amount

Coconut water is a natural milky white liquid extracted from young coconuts. In addition to being extraordinarily refreshing and thirst-quenching, the benefits of consuming coconut water are plentiful and helpful for various areas of our health, ranging from detoxification to its use in weight-loss diets. We will inform you about the main benefits of taking the water from… Read More »

What is Meratol? Weight Loss Supplement: Ingredients, and How does it work?

Meratol is a food supplement, marketed as a weight-loss product. The Meratol website claims that it gives you “increased metabolism, increased energy, increased attention and alertness, and reduced fatigue.” Meratol is produced by the UK company Advanced Health Ltd. The product has received some celebrity endorsements. Lauren Goodger, a UK reality television star, promotes the product on the… Read More »