Colonix – Colon Cleanse, Program by Dr Natura.

colonix cleanse

What is Colonix?

Colonix is a body-cleansing program sold by DrNatura. The program consists of Colonix fiber powder, Paranil herbal capsules, and KleriTea herbal tea.

The Colonix fiber powder is supposed to cleanse the colon (large intestine).

The Paranil herbal capsules are meant to cleanse the liver, while the KleriTea herbal tea has to be taken in the late evening, to stimulate the bowels overnight.

These products are supposed to “detoxify” the body, which is alleged to be full of nasty toxins that need to be removed. An analogy is made to spring cleaning a house.

Although the idea of “detoxification” is promoted on many websites and in many media outlets, it has no real scientific basis.

The toxic material doesn’t normally accumulate in the intestines, even if you sometimes suffer from constipation.

Typically toxins are removed from the body by the liver and kidneys, protecting the body from damage caused by an excess of substances (for example by too much alcohol).

There’s no reason why such organs wouldn’t continue to do their job, whether or not you spend your money on “detox” products.

On the other hand, many Americans lack fiber in their diet, so there is something to be said for increasing the amount of fiber eaten.


Colonix fiber powder is supposed to be eaten with water, to cleanse the colon. The powder contains a large number of components, mostly fibers, herbs, and gum.

Psyllium seed husks are a common laxative ingredient. These husks absorb water and bulk up inside the intestine. Rhubarb root is another common laxative.

Slippery elm bark and licorice root may have some activity against irritable bowel syndrome.

Other ingredients, such as flaxseed and fennel seed, are sources of fiber. The latter is a traditional remedy for indigestion.

Paranil Capsules are meant to cleanse the liver and contain many herbal ingredients. Milk thistle is one ingredient, which has long been considered helpful to the liver.

Studies on whether or not it can repair liver damage have been inconclusive.

Other components include black walnut hulls (a mild laxative), grapefruit seed extract, clove bud, and many other herbs.

Although milk thistle may have some ability to help and heal a damaged liver, it is not clear how most of the components would benefit the liver.

There are a large number of ingredients, so most can only be present in relatively small amounts.

KleriTea contains senna leaf and buckthorn bark, two well-known laxatives. It also includes fennel seeds and milk thistle seeds. Various flavor ingredients, such as cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, passion fruit, and citrus flavor are also present.


Symptomatic treatment of abdominal pain and bowel diseases related to functional disorders of the digestive tract.

In pain after ingestion of food, in irritable bowel syndrome in adults and children over 12 years.

Pharmacological action.

It regulates intestinal peristalsis acting directly on the muscle of the digestive tract, working as an antispasmodic drug.

Unlike anticholinergics, it does not affect the CNS. It synchronizes gastric and intestinal motility and decreases the frequency and amplitude of spontaneous motility.

In patients with irritable bowel syndrome, inhibits increased stress-induced large bowel motility.

Bromazepam is a benzodiazepine agonist-specific anxiolytic action on a central receptor that is part of the GABA-OMEGA macromolecular receptor complex also called BZD1 and BZD2, which modulate the opening of a chloride channel.


Symptomatic response to treatment does not exclude the existence of a specific organic process causing alterations in the digestive tract such as acute or chronic intestinal infections, parasitosis, diverticulosis, neoplasias, etc.

It is recommended not to use for periods longer than one month, as well as to perform periodic blood counts and hepatograms in patients undergoing prolonged treatment.

It contains lactose, a substance that can cause intolerance, so if diarrhea occurs, you should consult your doctor.

Avoid driving and maneuvering complex machines. Do not use for children’s colic. And beware this product can probably cause dependence.

Colonix is one of many products that claim to cleanse the intestines, making it healthier.

There are three components to the program: Colonix intestinal cleanser, Paranil capsules (an herbal supplement) and KleriTea (a detoxification tea).

Colonix includes a lot of fiber and other ingredients to remove from your digestive tract its contents.

But colon cleansing usually thinks it is unnecessary by most doctors and experts because the digestive tract naturally eliminates waste products.

A healthy digestive tract can be achieved through a diet rich in fiber, and by drinking water and exercising.

As a supplement, Colonix, and especially its Paranil supplement, is not regulated. This does not mean that it is not safe, only that it has not been tested.

It is important to talk about any supplements you are taking with your doctor. Besides, colon cleansing often causes dehydration. If you decide to do a colon cleansing, be sure to drink plenty of water.

Occasional cleaning of your digestive tract is probably safe, but probably unnecessary, and unlikely to treat any health problem.

When you talk to your doctor, you might want to bring the product to your appointment, so the doctor has a better way to evaluate your safety.

One thing Colonix has in its favor is that it is not a damaging product, which is a pseudo-medical procedure to remove the entrails by pumping certain liquids into the digestive tract. Colonix can be very dangerous, even deadly if done incorrectly.


Colonix and KleriTea contain laxatives, so will probably help if you’re constipated.

However, laxatives such as senna and psyllium seed husks can be obtained more cheaply from your local pharmacy or supermarket.

It’s well established that it’s good for your health to have plenty of fiber in your diet.

Eat plenty of high fiber foods, such as vegetables (including beans), brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, nuts (particularly almonds and walnuts), seeds, berries, and bran cereals.

A high-fiber diet will help keep your bowel movements regular, and you’ll find you don’t need to spend your money on “detox” supplements.

As for your liver, just don’t drink too much alcohol, and it will almost certainly last you a lifetime.