Common Workplace Injuries: What are they and The Importance of Immediate Medical Attention

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There are numerous commonplace injuries that you need to be aware of, let’s talk about them.

When it comes to safety, wise people think it is better to be careful than to suffer pain unnecessarily.

However, even we are as cautious as possible, sometimes we get hurt or take damage because accidents might occur or the nature of the jobs that we are involved in, day in day out, have a toll on our body.

For example, the cramping and inflammation of the finger and wrist joints are relatively frequent among people who have to do a lot of typing during the day. Especially professionals like personal secretaries, blog writers, and transcribers, etc.

To minimize the effects of these and other injuries as well as to ensure that you save yourself from a lengthy treatment, it is essential that you remain vigilant and immediately seek medical attention if you feel some discomfort.

What are Workplace Injuries?

Work injuries are those that occur during the performance of a job. These usually happen because of the nature of the situation and the instruments that are involved.

There is a wide variety of work injuries, and the most common of these include sprains, cuts, muscle spasms and fractures.

Other traumatic injuries have much more lasting effects such as loss of hearing, difficulty in breathing and vision impairment.

Work nature and environment could also deal a remarkable impact on your overall well-being.

There are instances where the concerned person does not run the risk of getting any physical injuries, yet the nature of the job takes its toll on the mental state of the person.

These circumstances will lead to stress and anxiety which are the leading causes of heart diseases and paralytic attacks.

Exposure to toxic chemicals and abrasive materials can also cause injuries. These kinds of injuries include rashes, skin burns, and inflammation. Several people also contract allergies.

On the other hand, people involved in the construction business have other hazards to worry about such as falling from great heights or lifting heavy objects. All of these, including vehicular accidents, are part of workplace injuries and should not be taken lightly.

To summarize this subject, it’s worth pointing out that according to U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics these are the ten most common injuries that we could suffer at our workplace:

  1. Sprains and Strains: They cause a high number of accidents, making up a third of most frequent workplace injuries. Sometimes they’re related heavy lifting
  2. Bruises and Contusions: Such kind of damage typically occur at construction works or building projects
  3. Cuts and Tears: They happen to people who tend to handle sharp tools or machinery
  4. Fractures or broken bones: People can suffer from these injuries by falling down the stairs or falling from remarkable heights
  5. Multiple Traumatisms: Workers often take this kind of damage thanks to industrial accidents. In other cases, people who had accidentally dropped from small buildings could suffer from this as well
  6. Thermal Burns: People who have contact with heated materials can suffer such injuries
  7. Chemical Burns: Sometimes they happen as a result of workers handling acids and solvents without adequate protection
  8. Amputations: They can include the loss of fingers, hands, feet, etc.
  9. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: It usually occurs as the result of expending too much time and energy typing and working on a computer
  10. Tendonitis: This is the inflammation or irritation of the tissue that attaches the muscle to the bone. It usually affects the elbow joint

The Importance of Immediate Medical Attention

Now that we had outlined some of the ways that people could take damage that at their workplaces, we can now move on to stress upon the importance of their remedies.

It is essential that you do not take your health for granted and seek immediate medical care in case of an injury.

Even small cuts or bruises can cause infections and other complications if left untreated.

You need to be especially vigilant about head injuries. Even minor bumps can sometimes lead to hemorrhaging, internal bleeding and concussion.

Before we conclude this article, a word of advice for the readers. It is always a good idea to have an understanding and knowledge of the kind of medical insurance that your company offers (if any).

Doing your homework on this beforehand will give you the peace of mind that you can have your necessary treatment without any restrictions or complications.