It refers to a method that combines low-impact exercise, technology, and nutrition to burn fat more efficiently.

What is Low-Impact Exercise?

People defined the term “Excercise” as physical movements or activities previously planned and structured to sustain or improve fitness and overall health.

However, when experts talk about “Low-Impact Exercise,” they’re referring to a specific type of physical activity which places a relatively low amount of stress upon the joints.

In cases of Cellulite, a condition that consists of dimpled skin due to the accumulation of fat in the buttocks and thighs, some recommend performing some Low-Impact Exercises to reduce the fat gradually.

That occurs because this type of exercises can improve blood circulation in the affected areas.

What is the Hypoxi Method?

Hypoxi is a method created to reduce undesired fat deposits from the stomach, hips, buttocks, and thighs by using the organic or natural principles of Lipid Metabolism.

Lipid Metabolism refers to the process of oxidation and degradation of fatty acids to generate energy or synthesize new lipids.

At the same time, this method involves training that strengthens the connective tissue.

The Low-Impact Exercise performed with the Hypoxi Method also firms the skin eliminating the typical appearance of Cellulite.

But how Hypoxi accomplishes all of this and more?

People who are interested in participating in this program should book a meeting at a Hypoxi center, where experts will provide a complete body assessment to identify the areas people need to focus.

The participants will have to undergo vacuum therapy to draw fatty acids from the specific areas of the body where the fat persists due to poor blood circulation.

In the case of women, those areas are hips, stomach, bottom, and thighs.

However, when it comes to men, such areas are stomach, love handles, and hips.

The therapy works by putting the participant in a Hypoxi vacuum suit (also known as the Hypoxi “Vacusuit”) while they lay on a bed.

The primary function of this black suit is to increase circulation, and people often wear it for about 20 minutes before starting the training session.

In some cases, the person can wear the vacuum suit while using the treadmill or the bike.

After using the suit, experts will recommend putting the participant in a Hypoxi vacuum chamber.

Inside this chamber, people can perform Low-Impact Exercise in the form of cycling, while the machine creates a vacuum that maximizes circulation and stimulates the metabolism.

This combination helps the body’s natural mechanisms to burn fat more effectively.

Experts usually recommend around 12 sessions (split into three per week) of Hypoxi treatment to ensure long-lasting results.

After following the training and nutritional regimes indicated by the Hypoxi staff, the results will become visible in a matter of weeks.

After 12 sessions, people start to notice how their skin tissue became stronger and firmer.

Hypoxi Nutrition

The dietary regime plays a significant role in the Hypoxi process. People who participate in this program can’t eat for two hours after each training session.

If the participants want to eat before the session, they should consume their meals two hours before working out.

People who are interesting in this program should consider how to manage their time for these sessions to fit into their schedule.

The primary target of the Hypoxi diet is to cut the supply of carbohydrates of the stubborn fat that persists in the areas near the stomach.

This dietary regime is not strict, but it still requires people to eat as healthy as possible.

More often than not, the Hypoxi diet consists of limiting, reducing, or outright avoiding carbohydrates, while increasing the consumption of protein.

Experts may advise participants to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the days each training session takes place.

Another significant aspect of the Hypoxi diet is to increase the water intake. The recommended amount is about 1.5l or 2l of water each day.

Most foods with carbohydrates include pasta, bread, and rice. So, people should either limit the consumption of these meals or outright avoid all of them.


Experts recommend one small tub of natural yogurt with fresh berries, one boiled egg, one poached egg and steamed spinach, one cup of cottage cheese along with more seeds.

This meal can consist of an omelet made of two eggs’ white with one cup of chopped tomatoes, mushrooms or spinach and smoked salmon.


A palm-sized piece of grilled chicken, beef, or fish (salmon or tuna) along with a large green salad (mixed vegetables).

Experts advise people who participate in the Hypoxi program to avoid root vegetables.

Another choice could be six to eight pieces of sashimi (a Japanese dish primarily made of raw fish and seafood) along with a salad. Other may add turkey and lettuce wrap.


People undergoing this dietary regime can choose chicken, beef, or lamb. They must stir-fry their preferred choice of food with vegetables.

Experts also recommend a salmon or lamb/beef steak and green roasted (or steamed mixed) vegetables.

Some participants that prefer a simple meal for dinner choose homemade vegetable soup.