Why do women desire to stay young? Methods to look younger and How do men perceive physical beauty

stay young

Youthfulness is one of the most sought-after things for the middle-aged women these days.

Media has played a very influential role in portraying that for women; success is equal to looking young and attractive.

This tendency isn’t anything new. Over of the course of centuries human societies had sought to both create and maintain what they perceived as “beauty.”

In fact, the ancient Greeks were obsessed with aesthetic and the preservation of beauty. Their concept of beauty revolved around the symmetry of faces and bodies.

Nowadays, almost every woman desires to appear attractive to men, and they seek appreciation from others for how they look.

On the other hand, some women might require a younger look to excel in their careers and to improve their chances of landing a job or acing an interview, etc.

On a positive note, some women might want to look younger to be a role model for others, inspiring them to lead healthier lives. It all depends on the perspective of how women perceive themselves.

Regardless of their motivation, most women desire to appear beautiful to other people and maintain that physical appeal as long as possible.

Methods to look younger

Now that we have established why women feel the need to appear more youthful and more appealing, we will now consider some of the techniques that are employed these days. First and foremost, we all know of reconstruction surgeries.

This method is the most expensive and requires a lot of money, time and effort. In many cases, the woman might need to wait a long time before getting to see any noticeable changes.

We can find many kinds of surgical treatments. Liposuction helps to reduce body fat; Rhinoplasty to reshape the nose; and breast augmentation.

Som even resort to Rhytidectomy, also known as Facelift Surgery, which helps to partially remove visible signs of aging in both face and neck

In this regard, an excellent alternative to surgical procedures is makeup, something used by nearly every woman on the planet.

Make it a much more cost-effective way that does not take a lot of hassle and is a natural option for almost every woman.

A well done make up can help you look much younger, giving you the confidence to go about your business correctly.

Sometimes, there might be cases where the correspondence is to be carried out through email or any other electronic means; then photo editor might also be a good option.

There is much software available nowadays that are easy to use, and women can also seek the help of professionals in this regard. The pictures can get edited or altered as per user’s requirements.

How do men perceive physical beauty?

A significant question to consider here is ‘’Are men critical about how women look?” For most women, this is a sensitive issue, and they do care a lot about what men have to say about their appearances.

However, painting every man with a single brush and saying that for them looks are of paramount importance, would be wrong.

Some men are not as concerned about the apparent beauty of their partners. They desire someone who they are compatible with and who are competent persons within themselves.

But yes, there are many men out there who believe that they deserve the best in everything and therefore require that their partners must have great physical beauty.

More often than not, the beliefs and principles of each get reflected in what they perceive as an ideal partner to be.

We would like to conclude by saying that we cannot neglect the fact that women put a lot of emphasis on their physical appearances.

There are some reasons for this as we discussed, like trying to impress the opposite sex or make themselves more presentable and relevant at workplaces and when interacting with others.

So much so that many women are willing to have body alterations and spend a considerable amount of makeup and other remedies to look younger.

It would be safe to say that many men do care a lot about the looks, however, in other cases, men often require partners that they find attractive on an emotional level rather than go after physical beauty.