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Salpingectomy: Purpose, The Procedure, and Potential Risks

It’s a term that describes the surgical removal of a Fallopian tube. The Fallopian tubes, also known as Oviducts or Uterine tubes, are female structures that consist of narrow ducts located in the abdominal cavity. Their primary function is carrying a fertilized egg from the ovary to the womb. However, sometimes the sperm can’t reach the egg due to a… Read More »

Hypoxi: What is Low-Impact Exercise? And What is the Hypoxi Method?

It refers to a method that combines low-impact exercise, technology, and nutrition to burn fat more efficiently. What is Low-Impact Exercise? People defined the term “Excercise” as physical movements or activities previously planned and structured to sustain or improve fitness and overall health. However, when experts talk about “Low-Impact Exercise,” they’re referring to a specific type of physical… Read More »

Internal Hernia: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

It refers to a congenital condition that consists of an intra-abdominal hernia. Internal Hernias are protrusions of viscera through the peritoneum (a serous membrane that covers the walls of the abdominal cavity and surrounds every organ in that area) towards another section of the abdominal cavity. Such a hernia can also occur through the mesentery (a double-layer of… Read More »

Triethylamine: What is it? Effects on Human Beings, and First Aid in Cases of Exposure

It’s the name of a compound used as a catalyst for chemical synthesis. What is it? This chemical compound is an organic base industrially used in organic synthesis. Triethylamine is present as xenobiotic compounds in a few living organisms. One of such organisms is a plant called Hawthorn or Thornapple, which is native to Eurasia but people cultivate… Read More »